Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Sugar Bowl, Gaylord’s Landmark Restaurant, founded in 1919 by George and Harry Doumas.  The name “Sugar Bowl” was taken since it denoted a place where ice cream and candy was sold.  Many towns had “Sugar Bowls” and at one time it was featured as the central meeting place in the nationally syndicated comic strip, “Harold Teen”.

As the years went by, the homemade ice cream and candies were found to be too expensive to make and most “Sugar Bowls” closed or changed their names, but the Sugar Bowl in Gaylord remained.  Light luncheons and sandwiches were substituted; beer and wine were served after the repeal of prohibition.  A liquor license was added in 1947, and the menu was constantly changing to reflect the altering tastes of our guests.

The building that houses the present restaurant is in the same location as the original, but has undergone twelve major remodels and countless minor ones.  All that remains of the original building is the west wall of the casual family dining room.  The present building and banquet facilities have included seating in excess of four hundred. 

Celebrating its 93rd year of inception, the Sugar Bowl is one of the oldest family owned restaurants in the state of Michigan, if not the nation.  Rated by Mobile Travel Guide and AAA, we have received numerous awards and distinctions for excellence throughout the years.  Twice Paul Harvey, radioman on ABC Radio Networks “News and Comment” featured the well-known Sugar Bowl on his show.  
It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to welcome and serve you.  Arrange to stop and visit us while traveling to northern Michigan enjoying our various seasonal activities.  

Robert H. Doumas